Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Reminiscing my yearly trips 'around the world'

Technically speaking, it used to always be Japan and Taiwan. Because we just can't get enough........(Black eyed Peas)

My mum loves travelling so much that she cannot survive without at least going somewhere once a year. Even if it's somewhere close by (we live in Hong Kong), she would make sure something is happening every year; and I love her for this and of course among other things (gotta give her some credit for squeezing me out).Japan and Taiwan were always at the top of her list. I think South Korea made its way up, judging from the number of times she has been there recently. (Note: 'she', I am currently working in Sydney so it's much more harder to squeeze in multiple holidays per year) Hence, here is me reminiscing.  

This is one of them trips. AOMORI, North of Japan 
To be exact with you, this is where it was.

I went to this beautiful place in January, 2011, few months before the tragic earthquake came. I cannot express in words as to how grateful I am to have missed it yet at the same time I felt extremely depressed thinking how fragile life can be.

WARNING: Do not Scroll if you dislike viewing photos of a random Asian girl having her fun in Japan.

After transferring from a plane to a train, to another train and finally to a bullet train, we arrived at AOMORI.  

This just says 'AOMORI Train Station'. Cute ey?

Got extremely excited of snow that I had to take a picture of it landing on my sister's head. Below is me slaving away and how I began my love hate relationship with snow.

This was our very authentic Japanese suite. 
By day.......

By Night.........

So the very next day, we made our way to the Aomori Art Museum. Once of the most unique art museums I have ever been to. Weird thing about it was that it was all white. With the white snow that's already eating up everything, we nearly missed this white architecture.  

And by eating up, I mean...........

So this is the road leading to the museum, weather wasn't so great.


Photography was prohibited inside the Museum so no photos. Sorry guys!

Okay. Maybe one photo. No. Two.
I am not so much of an art person, so to be honest with you, I was't too fascinated with anything inside except.........


This is called the Aomori-Ken Dog Statue by Nara Yoshitomo 8.5 meters tall.

I was hoping to take a picture like this........

But no, all because of the snow AGAIN. 

After this, we visited this other small weird museum which I do not recall the name of. (my apologies) But the entrance looked like this. Oh look! The sky cleared up!

I was so amazed and impressed by how it was set up inside. 
Check this out. How cool is this?

Moving on to the favourite part of my day.....

Dinner was served inside our hotel room. I love having beautiful Japanese traditional cuisines. I was told that the ideal meal involves a balance of colours, cooking methods and a balance of the six tastes which include bitter, sweet, hot, salty, sour and mild. The table setting was also very important and changes seasonally. 

Look At That!

After dinner, we bathed ourselves inside the communal bathroom, put on a Yukata (Japanese Bathrobe) and sipped our tea.

Our days at AOMORI consisted of more museums, food, and exploring around places such as the seafood markets. Here is a collection of photos to summarize the remaining parts of the trip because if I keep on going, it will be too overwhelming........


Apple museum and Fried Pork cutlet and Apple Curry

Thanks for viewing ! Wasn't that bad yea?

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